1. Is it arbour sells only house hold furniture?

    No,We sells not only house hold products also office furniture in large extent and in bulk order.

2. For bulk ordering of office furniture and chairs can i get discount ?

    Yes You Will get, If you required office products in large quantity you can come down to our office have word with 

    manager you can avail huge discount or our executive will come to your place will discuss will get discount.

3. Is it all the products Images you mentioned in the website are genuine?

    Yes,Images of  Products mentioned inside the website are genuine taken in showroom.

4. Do i get actual product which i gonna proceed to cart?

    Yes, You will get exact product you gonna buy.

5. Do you both sell and purchase the products?

    yes, We do both.

6. Is it good quality one used chairs and furniture's you going to sell?

    yes , All the used chairs and furniture's are tested and checked quality.